[][src]Struct dfw::nftables::types::Defaults

pub struct Defaults {
    pub custom_tables: Option<Vec<Table>>,
    pub initialization: Option<Initialization>,

The defaults/configuration for the nftables backend.


custom_tables: Option<Vec<Table>>

Specify the names of custom nft-tables that should be partially managed.


If you want to use or already use an existing nftables table to manage rules independently from DFW, it is important that two conditions are met:

  1. The priority-values of the chains are lower than the priority-values used by DFW.
  2. The default-policy of the any input or forward chains in the table are set to accept.

While DFW cannot ensure that the first condition is met (since changing the priority of a chain is not possible without recreating the chain), it can set the policies of your input and output chains to accept for you.


custom_tables = { name = "filter", chains = ["input", "forward"] }
custom_tables = [
    { name = "filter", chains = ["input", "forward"] },
    { name = "custom", chains = ["input", "forward"] }
initialization: Option<Initialization>

The optional initialization section.


rules = [
    "add table inet custom",
    "flush table inet custom",

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